Unique Projects

Barrocade’s repertoire is rich and varied – from Renaissance music and all Baroque genres, to the music of Haydn and Mozart. It performs church music, orchestra pieces, chamber music, oratorios and operas. The number of players on stage varies from one program to the other.

In addition to “classical” Baroque pieces, the ensemble is famous for its special fresh and young productions, which stretch its repertoire to include the world of contemporary music, jazz, pop and world music. Among the special projects of the ensemble are:


Folk Baroque: A journey through centuries of popular songs from the Baroque and Renaissance to the present. In the program, Baroque melodies are performed next to jazz, pop and world music, producing fascinating combinations such as an encounter between a Spanish Renaissance villancico and a popular Sephardi-Jewish song, and a sweet Purcell song that blends with Paul Desmond’s Take Five! The ensemble, led by the angelic voice of soprano Ye’ela Avital, combines Baroque instruments with an electric guitar and percussion instruments from all over the world, creating an unforgettable experience of energy and beauty.


From the British Isles to America: An intimate program that follows the evolution of the English song from the lute songs of John Dowland to the Beatles, and on to the American songs of Joan Baez and Leonard Cohen. Soprano Revital Raviv and a small ensemble create together a delightful and magical atmosphere.


The Venetian Mask: A show of Venetian Baroque music: Court madrigals, opera arias, theatre music and Venetian folk music – all the musical genres one might chance upon walking along the canals of 18th century Venice. The program is rich with visual effects – original staging, costumes designed especially for the show, and period gestures – and its humorous atmosphere is full of surprises.

Ye’ela Avital (soprano), Doron Schleifer (countertenor), Avi Avital (mandolin), Ravid Davara (staging).


The Songs of Solomon: A celebration of the rich Jewish liturgical music tradition of Venice and Mantua. The Hebrew biblical texts were set into music in the early Baroque, creating a unique combination of beauty and expression. At the center of the program are pieces from “The Songs of Solomon” by the Jewish Italian composer Salomone Rossi, sung by Barrocade Vocale.

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